Anshula Tayal

Anshula Tayal is an Indian born artist residing in Portland, Oregon. Her work can be defined as Figurative Representational form of art. Focus of her work has been women, relationships and self- enrichment. She has created her distinctive personal style with influences from Indian art and culture.

Anshula has lived, worked and interacted with people in both eastern and western parts of the world. She observed that every person (especially women) have their own battle to fight; some win their battles and some need that little extra push. Through her visual narrative style she wants to remind everyone that they are “Powerful”. According to her every person has the ‘Power’ to empower themselves and others by being the agent of change. This has been the focus of her work for the last 3 years. She works in multiple mediums but her favorite being Printmaking and Ceramics.

Anshula earned her B.Arch. degree from J.J College of Architecture, Mumbai in 1992 and Post-Graduation in Comprehensive Management of Children with Learning Disorders in 2007.

For the last 4 years she is working on fulfilling her lifetime dream to be an artist. She has had multiple juried exhibits of her work at various shows and galleries.

  • 3 of her Jewellery sketches ‘Tijori’ in charcoal and pen exhibited in a juried show at Helzer art Gallery, Portland, May 2015

  • Awarded first place for her ceramic pieces ‘We are Together’ in a juried show at Helzer Gallery, Portland, May 2016

  • Ceramic piece ‘Earth and Water’ exhibited in a juried show ‘From the Earth’ at the Forestry Center, Portland, Jan/Feb 2017

  • Ceramic piece ‘Nuptial Nature’ exhibited in a juried NCECA show ‘Keep Portland Wared’ in Portland, March 2017

  • Intaglio print ‘Mother to Daughter’ and Ceramic pieces ‘Naptial Nature’ exhibited in a juried show at Helzer Gallery, Portland May 2017

  • Awarded the top prize for the L.O.C.A.L 14 juried scholarship 2017 competition for her works in Printmaking and Ceramics, July 2017.

  • Intaglio print ‘Beautiful Heart’ exhibited in a juried Print Biennale show at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, India March/April 2018

  • She had a show of her Intaglio prints on women called, ‘The Goddesses Amongst Us’ for The Sacred Luminosity 2: SHAKTI series at Gallery AWA, New York, in April/May 2018.

  • Intaglio print ‘Me First’ and Ceramic pieces ‘Nuptial Nature 2’ exhibited at a juried show at Helzer Gallery, Portland, May 2018

  • Ceramic pieces ‘The Mother’s Bowl’ exhibited in a juried ceramic show in ‘Sapporo Museum of Contemporary Art, Hokkaido, Japan’, in June/July 2018.

  • Ceramic piece ‘Prakriti’ exhibited in a ‘Show 32’ at Helzer Gallery, Portland, Oregon, in July/Sep 2018.

  • Intaglio print ‘Kintsukuroi’ exhibited in a juried show at Siren Nation Visual art exhibition, Portland, Oct/Nov 2018.

  • Six Intaglio Prints ‘Beautiful Heart’, ‘Being There’, Kintsukuroi’, ‘Inner Peace’, ‘Me First’, ‘Discard the Mask’ purchased by Regional Arts and Culture Council for their Portable Works Collection. Presently displayed in the Gladys McCoy Building, the Multnomah County Health Department Headquarters.

  • Ceramic piece ‘Celebration’ exhibited in a Juried show at Helzer Gallery, Portland, Oregon, in May 2019